mommytime parody video

#MommyTime Parody Video

As moms, most of our days consist of saying “No” or “Don’t touch” to our kids (and husbands). Mommy blogger/videographer extraordinaire, Deva Dalporto, of, decided to take her skills to the next level with her latest parody video.

Featuring MC Hammer’s “U Can’t Touch This” beat, and sporting some serious hammer pants, Dalporto and her crew dance their way through this video saying “Don’t Touch This” to everything, including a dirty lollipop on the ground.

She does take one break during the video, which she refers to as #MommyTime, where she asks for some alone time to use the bathroom. A girl can dream, can’t she?

We love Deva and are sure you will too. Be sure to SUBSCRIBE to her YouTube channel to catch all of her hysterical parody videos. She posts new ones every Tuesday (still not sure how she does that!).

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Hammer time!