Baby Hair Viral

Not Even A Year Old, Japanese Baby’s “Hair Diary” On Insta Has 156,000 Followers

If you spend enough time on the Instagram Explore feed, you may have already seen Baby Chanco.  Born in Japan in December 2017, she’s the baby with super luxurious hair. And, while it takes many babies months to start sprouting even some whisps of hairs, Baby Chanco was born with a full mane. Now, less than a year later, she’s become one of the world’s most famous babies.

Here’s Chanco’s Instagram profile picture.

Baby Hair Instagram

Awesome, isn’t she?

Here are a few more that made us smile.


I mean, come on! So “head” (haha) on over to the little cuties Instagram account and give a follow.

We can’t wait to see what’s next!