Autistic Girl Viral Post

Posts Go Viral as Outrage Sparks Accusations of Dishonesty

In a now viral Facebook post, Mom Melissa Beebe claimed that Forbidden Caverns, a popular tourist destination in Tennessee, kicked her family off the tour because of her autistic daughter.

Beebe reported that she visited the tourist attraction with her daughter, Stella, who is autistic. In the post Beebe said, “I wish I could recommend this place to anyone in the Gatlinburg, TN area vacationing, but I can’t because I was asked to leave as soon as the tour started because Stella was excited, laughing and clapping.”

Here’s the post in its entirety:

Autistic Girl Post Viral

Autistic Girl Post Viral

It wasn’t long before people chimed in on the post, most outraged by the behavior of the local attraction.

Brenda J Passacantando said That’s the most discriminating thing!!! If I’ve ever in my life heard a real reason to protest….. This would be it!!!! 😡

Peggy Bush agreed. That is so sad. Mam I would like to say sorry to you for how your child and you were treated. It’s a sad world we live in.

However, not everyone seemed to believe Beebe’s claims.

Stephanie Fisher was the first to call foul on the Mom for false accusations. NOBODY should believe anything Melissa Beebe says. Liar and using her child to get attention. The shame is on her.

Carolyn Spradlin echoed Fisher’s sentiment. Lying about this situation and using your child is disgusting. This story is a lie. Check out the facts.

Spradlin was referring to the fact that witnesses told the local news media that Beebe’s daughter was not clapping and laughing but rather “screaming in terror.”

Forbidden Caverns was quick to respond on Facebook with this post:

Autistic Girl Viral Post

Autistic Girl Post Viral

A local news station spoke to the attractions manager, Bob Hounshell, about the reported incident. Hounshell said they had received a barrage of calls and comments on their social media page.

He also claimed that the tour guide mentioned in Beebe’s post “would be the last person to ever, ever point out someone with special needs.”

“This is a family operation,” Hounshell continued.  “We take what happened personally.”

When the media outlet then reached out for a comment from Beebe, she was unavailable.

What do you think happened?