Mom Calls Cops Tantrum Toddler

A Valuable Lesson for Tantrumming Toddler or a Waste of Police Time? You Be The Judge.

When three-year-old Lachie Gribble’s talking back finally wore on his Mom and Dad’s last nerve, there was a consequence. Dad would take his brother to swim class but Lachie would miss it, staying in his room instead. Seems like a scene that might play out in any household with young kids, right? Well, at least until the police got involved.

About 30 seconds after he went to his room, Mom Sandy Gribble heard Lachie screaming from outside the house!

“Looking towards his bedroom and realized the window is wide open. The Houdini has escaped,” she wrote. “Running down the road (can’t believe I can actually run wtf?!), the sheer relief that he is unhurt and not been mowed down by a car. Not the walk of shame I’d ever imagine doing in my life cause I just realize I’m only wearing my T-shirt and underwear.”

Tantrum Toddler Mom Calls Cops

Once Sandy reached her escapist son on the side of the busy street, he began to hurl toddler insults at her at the top of his lungs.

“‘YOU POO MOM YOU GIANT POO I’M NOT YOUR FRIEEEEEEND ANYMORE,'” she wrote. “Awesome thanks kid, now all the neighbors have come out to view the sh*tshow and I love it how you have kept the performance up while everyone judges me for being the worst mom ever.” 

But, when Sandy got her son home and told him never to do such a dangerous thing again, he looked her straight in the eye. And then he told her he would do it again but next time he’d be sure she wasn’t looking. According to her post, Sandy felt like she needed immediate help teaching Lachie how serious his actions were. So, she called the cops.

Tantrum Toddler Mom Calls Cops

The dispatcher who answered the phone was good-natured about Sandy’s plight and invited her to bring Lachie in for a “chat” with a policeman. And she did.

“Incredibly grateful to the people there for giving me a hand in explaining to Lachie the reason why people need to be safe and how the police keep people safe (adult time-out was also part of the grand tour),” she wrote. “After all this, he bloody got it!! It has actually sunk into his 1216 day old brain that roads are not built for toddlers and half-naked mom and that he should have listened.” Tantrum Toddler Police Cops

What do you think, Moms? Did Lachie learn a valuable lesson?