baby born at walmart surprise shower

Having your water break in public is one of the greatest fears of almost any woman who’s ever been pregnant. Multiply that fear by about one million, and that’s what actually happened to a woman shopping at a Utah Walmart a few weeks ago!

Cecilia Rivas was shopping with her family when she started to not feel so great. She actually informed the manager of the store that she thought she might need some medical assistance as she made her way to the checkout line.

The manager actually called 911 as it was evident that she was in labor, but Rivas went through the checkout line, insisting she pay for the items in her shopping cart while in obvious distress.

“The funny thing is that the customer was down on her knees and she insisted on paying for her merchandise and we’re like you know that’s just not important. You know, we were going to take care of her on it,” the store manager told Fox13SaltLakeCity.

“…Literally right after she paid for her merchandise, they rolled her over and she began to give birth,” the manager said.

Luckily the delivery went smoothly and Rivas gave birth to a healthy baby boy with the help of kind strangers and Walmart employees who brought towels, blankets, and sheets to assist with the delivery. EMTs arrived to the scene and were surprised to find the mother so calm and the baby doing well.

The Walmart employees wanted to give Rivas and baby Matias a proper welcome, and held a surprise baby shower for them last week. However, this time the store manager said he would not allow her to pay for the items.

“Today we get to meet the bundle of joy that was born in our store, and we’re going to present him and his mother with some birthday presents,” the store manager told reporters.

Rivas was obviously surprised by the outpouring of support, while little Matias slept through the festivities. So cute!