first day of kindergarten compared to all other years

Mom Makes Hysterical First Day Of School Video

Watching your kids grow up is hard. No mom knows that more than the mother who just dropped her child off at kindergarten, especially when her youngest ‘baby’ going off to school for the first time. Known to most for her Facebook page, Whoa Susannah, Susannah B. Lewis, 35, from Tennessee recently shared a hysterical video comparing her state of mind the first day of school last year compared to this year.

Lewis has two children, ten-year-old Natalie, and six-year-old Bennett. Last year was her son’s first day of kindergarten, and she remembers what a mess she was that day. Actually, she says that it was seeing moms drop their children off for kindergarten that reminded her what a mess she was last year. She decided to spoof herself in a video that shows her state of mind last year versus this year and it is just too funny.

In the tongue and cheek video, Lewis can be seen driving her car home after the first day drop off dressed in an oversized pink sweatshirt, sunglasses and what appears to be another pair of sunglasses holding her hair back. She informs viewers that she’s “gonna go back and get him because, he’s not ready, he’s only five.”

Her concerns vary from whether or not he is able to carry a lunch tray, if he knows where the bathrooms are, or if the teacher knows, “he needs 14 kisses every 45 seconds.”

“This car is older than him,” she continues on saying she’s “Gonna sit around all day and listen to the clock tick. That’s what I’m gonna do, and countdown the seconds until I can hold him.”

Part of her plan for the day involves watching Ninja Turtles, a show she never actually watches, but says today she wants to watch Ninja Turtles with him.

“I know there’s still a little umbilical cord still attached to him. I mean we’re still connected a little bit.”

After her complete breakdown which turns intangible, the inconsolable mom fades to black with a note indicating what the first day of school was like this year and for every other year in the foreseeable future. Lewis is seen in a cute green top, her hair is done, and she is rocking out to George Michael’s Freedom.

Her little jam session ends when she receives a call from what we can only guess must be the spa. Her plans are pretty clear for her first day of freedom.

“Yes, manicure, pedicure, Vegas.”