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Facebook Post Sharing Heartbreaking Story Goes Viral

Dragana Petrovic of Serbia lost her 2-year old daughter to measles, a disease against which parents have been able to vaccinate for years. The devastated Mom has taken to Facebook to share her heart-wrenching story. On the page “Justice for Nadja,”¬†Petrovic explained how her daughter contracted the viral infection.

Vaccinate Girl Dies of Measles

This is my Nadja, she was born 08.05.2015. When she was one year old she had symptoms of a type 1 autoimmune polygandular syndrome. She lost her hair, had systemic candidiasis, autoimmune hepatitis, and so on. It was later found that she has hypoparathyroidism due to hypoglycaemia and hypocalcaemia. Because of these hypocalcaemias, we often stayed in the hospital because simply oral therapy could not raise the level of calcium, which was extremely low.

She could not be vaccinated, and we hoped that the collective immunity would protect her in the course of an epidemic.

On January 5, 2018 we were admitted on intensive care and isolation unit. However, on January 6, 2018, there was no room in the department, and a boy was admitted in our room, and we were moved to the second floor later. Due to high transaminases, on January 9, 2018, we were transferred to the Institute for Mother and Child, and we found out that the boy with whom we were in contact has measles.

At the moment, my world collapsed, I knew that she would get it, but again in the depths of the soul I hoped she will not.

Girl Measles Vaccination

01/12/2018 Nadja got a high fever, I knew immediately what it was. I trembled, cried, but REALLY hoped it was not measles. On the same day in the evening, Nadja drowned in a dream from which she never woke up again … she did not eat, did not drink, she did not wake up, she did not respond … she was getting worse every day, her needs for oxygen were bigger , and we received confirmation that she was contaminated with measles.

Girl Measles Vaccination

01/22/2018 Nadja was getting tired, barely breathing, saturation at 50, swollen, nose and mouth bleeding, and blue. In the evening she was admitted to intensive care, and at 4 o’clock that night she was intubated because of a sudden desaturation, a fall in pressure and a heart attack. Resuscitation measures were taken and Nadja survived.

However, the struggle for her life lasted almost three months. She was not tolerating separation from the ventilator, was ventilated by high parameters, big lung damage, brain edema … was at 100% oxygen from the first to the last day with a saturation of 50% -90% depends on what day. Mid-March she had a lumbar puncture due to a poor neurological condition. Since mid-March, her condition grew worse, there had been extreme vasculitis and a circulatory disorder. Bleeding from a tube of unknown origin, a lung function getting worse, acute respiratory distress syndrome from the beginning, sepsis with 2 different bacteria, 400 CRP.

Vaccination Girl Measles

On April 3, 2018, at 10 am, Nadja’s heart stopped, and due to reanimation, the left lung ruptured. They did a drain and Nadja stabilized. However, on April 4, 2018, at 18h, she was in heart failure, and besides all the measures taken, Nadja received her angel wings at 18.30.

I shared this story with you in order to educate parents who have doubts about the vaccination of their children. Every child has the right to be protected from infectious diseases. Nadja became a victim, giving up her own life, to show how this harmless child’s disease can endanger one’s life. Now it’s up to us to share her story so that nobody suffers like she did. My angel left me too early, but I will fight so no one forgets here and goes through what I went through.


Vaccinate Measles Girl Baby

“Fly High, Little Angel” (Dragana Petrovic)