Creating A Perfect Social Media Life

Keeping up with the Jones’ can be exhausting, but as a mom it’s hard not to notice that one mom who seems to always have it all together. You know the one with the perfectly coiffed hair, killer outfit, and smiling kids at drop off, as you struggle to get your kids to school on time while wearing what you wore to bed under your long coat.

Self-described parenting blogger Kristina Kuzmic shares some tips on how to show your “best self” on social media, so everything thinks you’re one of those “perfect moms.” Her humorous approach will have you laughing at how ridiculous social media can be and even worse, how we may have been guilty once or twice of getting sucked into the madness.

Kuzmic kicks things off by giving a lesson on how to post that perfect photo of you relaxing in your spotless kitchen with a glass of wine even though your kitchen is a disaster. Don’t post until it is perfect is her recommendation, as she sweeps the mess off her kitchen island and onto the floor. Voilà, social media perfection.

If you’re worried about friends showing up at your messy house and outing you, her simple suggestion is to “only have friends on social media.”

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Other social media hacks include baking your cake, but buying one from the bakery and plopping the top of it on your messy creation to show up your Cake Boss master cake decorator sister-in-law, putting a wig on your daughter’s frizzy hair, and photo-shopping yourself over your son’s girlfriend’s photo to show how much he loves you.

While this is all very funny, Kuzmic gets real before ending her video and shares her best idea yet.

“How about we just save ourselves a whole lot of hassle and post whatever we want to post without trying to impress anyone?” Kuzmic suggests. “We can post our great days and our beautiful cakes and our clean kitchens if we want to, but we can also post the chaos…because you know what’s impressive to most people? The truth.”