Mom Seeks Justice For Racial Schoolyard Attack On Her 8-Year-Old Son

A mom from Geismar, Louisiana is seeking justice for a schoolyard incident involving her 8-year-old son Jordan. Her story is going viral.

According to Alana Jackson, her son Jordan and his 4-year-old sister, J’Niah, were playing on the playground after school while they waited for her to take them home. During that time she says Jordan was subjected to a verbal attack, which was racial in nature, and physical attack, which resulted in a broken arm and concussion related injuries.

A GoFundMe page set up by Jordan and J’Niaha’s uncle to help with medical expenses, says the children were told to “Go back to the cotton farm!” during an altercation with children in the playground, all of whom were children of teachers at their school.

The page indicates that Jordan is “an athlete and honor student,” who “defended his little sister. The attackers – the oldest of whom is 13; all of them children of teachers at the school – sent him to the hospital with a broken arm and a head injury.”

Jordan’s mother informed the school as to what happened to her son, however they were not willing to address the incident since it happened after school. She then went to the police to file a report, but was told it was on school property, therefore not their responsibility.

Since the incident Jordan has returned to the ER several times, suffering from extreme headaches and double vision, both side-effects of the post-concussion syndrome he received during the schoolyard altercation.

The GoFundMe page had an initial goal of raising $5,000. As of the writing of this piece, almost $18,000 was raised. The funds will go toward medical expenses and loss of wages for Jordan’s parents who have been alternating taking off work to care for him.

Bottom line, Jordan’s family and friends want justice. They hope people will continue to show their support by sharing their story.

“Please continue to share this post. I want everyone in America to know these kids’ faces, and we need those responsible held accountable! Thank you!!”