mom tank shaving video

Will “Mom Tank” Contestant Score a Deal With The Sharks?

Deva Dalporto of the website MyLifeSuckers has done it again with a hilarious new shaving video spoofing ABC’s hit show Shark Tank and we can’t stop giggling.

The video parody opens with an introduction to the Mom Sharks — Mommy Wonderful (mom), Glori (Mom) and Roberbara (cat mom).   The sharks sit skeptically on a couch awaiting the arrival of Jessica Mitchell, who ultimately strides in like a runway model in her blonde wig, hot pink jacket, make-up, booties and short shorts.

Jessica tells the sharks she’s looking for a deal of $600,000 for a 20% stake in her company.

Her product?  “Secretly Smooth”

Her pitch?  A hilarious account of why shaving always falls to the bottom of a busy Mom’s priority list.   And how she’s created the perfect solution to all that pesky leg hair.

“As a time-crunched mother of two, I have to make tough decisions during the day,” Mitchell laments.  “Do I skip a workout or just not work out?   Luxuriate in a four minute shower or pee alone?  Do I shave my legs or do literally ANYTHING but shave my legs””

Turns out the Mom Sharks understand completely.  Glori empathizes “My legs got velcro’d to a catcus yesterday!” while Roberbara confesses “I use my leg bristles to comb my cat’s fur.”

Will Jessica get a deal?  Has she solved the shaving dilemma for all of us and we’ll soon see Secretly Smooth on QVC or the shelves of our local drug store?  Or will the Mom Sharks all be out.   Watch and see!

And stay tuned for what looks like more Mom Tank episodes to come!   Dalporto shared the video on her site with the following: “Introducing a brand new MyLifeSuckers’ series – MOM TANK!  You think swimming in the Shark Tank is tough, wait till you dive in with these moms.”

We’ll be sure to tune in!