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Mom Urges Police To Carry EpiPen

It took a very scary situation for one mom to take action when she realized how lucky she was that her daughter was still alive.

Chandler Sullivan took to Facebook this weekend to share a traumatic experience that almost resulted in the death of her one-and-a-half year old daughter, Piper.

While at daycare back in December, Piper was given sunflower seed butter, a common alternative to peanut butter, which is a much more common allergen. She then started to experience an anaphylactic reaction, her eyes swelled shut, her breathing became labored, and she was covered in hives.

Luckily, the EMT’s were first to arrive on the scene as they were able to immediately administer her first dose of EpiPen. She later found out the situation could have been dire had the police arrived first and the EMT’s were delayed as the police in her town are not allowed to carry EpiPens. Critical minutes would have been lost, which could have had tragic consequences for Piper.

Sullivan’s full post reads:

“I am making this post shareable so that you all can share it and your networks can see it (if you shared before, due to my settings, only our mutual friends would see it)!

Epi Pens are near and dear to our hearts, as they saved our daughter’s life in December. She had an anaphylaxis reaction to sunflower seed butter (1st exposure) and needed 2 epi pens, 2 doses of Benadryl, a dose of steroids and a long stay in the ER to stop her reaction.

Through it all, we learned that police officers who are usually the first ones to respond to emergencies, aren’t allowed to carry or administer epi pens.

Because of her reaction, we have worked with our local rep to get a bill filed which will allow police officers to carry and administer epi pens, which will save lives.

To all our MASSACHUSETTS FAMILY & FRIENDS, Rep. John Rogers has filed HD3279 ‘An Act relative to use of epinephrine auto-injectors’ and WE NEED YOUR HELP!

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE contact your local Rep or Senator (phone or email) and let them know that you want he/she to co-sponsor Rep Rogers HD3279 bill!

If you need help finding your local official(s), here is a link:


Thank you, thank you! Allergies are no joke and we need our police officers to be fully equipped with the right equipment for them to continue to save lives.”

She is urging people to share her post and contact their local Representative or Senator to show your support for the bill she co-sponsored that would add EpiPens to the items police are required to carry. They would be trained in EpiPen use, and have the EpiPens readily available in a similar fashion to the AED’s and Narcan they carry.

The response from people on social media is starting to gain steam. People are thanking her for doing this, sharing their allergy stories, and saying they are happy her daughter’s story had a happy ending.

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