Mommy Shaming Pictures

Photos Tackle “Controversial” Topics From C-Sections to Screen Time

Just in time for back-to-school, photographer Abbie Fox of Foxy Photography has gone viral with an awesome series of pictures. Tired of the seemingly endless Mommy Shaming that goes on today, from whispers in the drop-off line to posts on Facebook, Abbie decided to confront the nonsense head on.

So, she organized a series of “back-to-school” photos with a few friends and volunteers. But these aren’t your every day annual images! Nope. Instead, Fox perfectly juxtaposed smiling, healthy, happy kids with signs sharing the “horrible” hot topic action to which they were subjected. And the results are fantastic! Here are a few.

Busy schedules? Family doesn’t have time to sit down to dinner together? GASP.

Mommyshaming Pictures Viral

You used the Cry-It-Out-Method of Sleep Training?! How cruel.

Mommyshaming Viral Pictures

Oh…you didn’t deliver “the natural way?” That’s too bad…

Mommyshaming Pictures Viral

Wait, so you actually chose not to breastfeed? How selfish you must be…your poor child. 

Mommyshaming Pictures Viral

These are just a few of the nearly 40 images shared by Abbie and they are all fabulous. Her Facebook post was titled “Anti Mommy Shamers Unite” and also included these words:

In this technology world where we spend tons of time on Facebook and in Mommy groups we find one major thing every day… Mommy Shaming. People roll their eyes and say it doesn’t happen anymore but it is alive and well, and it can be brutal. When I was a first time mom I would cry for things people said to me, and the main culprit were other moms. Why we can’t just get along is a question I ask all of the time. If our kids are healthy, happy, and thriving, who cares if our parenting styles are different?! Yes, there are things I would never personally be able to do because of my beliefs, but I know there are things I do with my kids my friends are appalled at too. We are all doing our best to keep these little humans alive all while keeping our sanity. We all have our differences in parenting and need to realize that everyone is raised differently and have different values and things that are important to us. We need to spread a little more love around <3 So I got together with some of my amazing clients and we put this together. Each child is holding a sign of what could be deemed a “hot button” topic for some. No, not all subjects are covered. This was a volunteer project and I could not find someone to cover each subject I wanted. Make sure you scroll through the whole album all the way to the end.#antimommyshaming #weareloved #PSA#foxyphotography

 — with Erick Fox and Abbie Fox.

The “make sure you scroll through the whole album” comment refers to the final picture Fox shared.

Mommy Shaming Pictures Viral

A perfect punctuation for a terrific series of pictures! Well done, Foxy Photography…well done.