chardonnay go mom app

New Jersey mom and comedian Dena Blizzard proves that she truly is ‘One Funny Mother‘ which also happens to be the name of her one woman off-Broadway show in New York City. She recently took advantage of Facebook Live and the new Pokemon Go! craze that’s sweeping the nation to poke some fun (see what we did there?) at the insanity of it all while coming up with a brilliant alternative App for moms called Chardonnay Go.

The live video was viewed by many, but the aftermath of the video has been incredible. Over 8 million people around the world have watched her Chardonnay Go spoof video, almost 185,000 people have shared it, and 92,000 people have reacted to it. People have also tried to actually download the App, with some posting complaints that it’s not a real thing. Blizzard actually replied to one commenter complaining that the App didn’t exist by posting this, “So funny….someone wrote in the comments “Don’t try and download this app. It’s another facebook hoax!” Bahahaha! I should really have made this app!”

Blizzard is hysterical and stays fully committed to her character playing the Chardonnay Go game, and we can’t help but laugh as she says exactly what kids (and adults) everywhere are saying as they chase Pokemon characters around.

“It says it’s close by…is it over here?”

“Somewhere around here there’s a glass of chardonnay!”

“There’s one here, Donna, it says it.”

“Free chardonnay for moms everywhere!”

A few hours ago Blizzard used Facebook Live again to show the tv at the bus station where the Today Show was playing and Kathy Lee and Regis were on talking about her! She was so excited, then pointed out that they didn’t actually invite her (jokingly, kinda). She continues to be overwhelmed by the situation, saying “shut up” over and over again, then continues to explain to all of her ‘bus station friends’ who she is, and why she’s so excited. One woman asks her for her card, which is pretty hysterical. She thanks everyone for being with her at that moment, apologizes for not wearing any make up, and says to watch her on the Fox Morning Show tomorrow.

For tickets and showtimes, go to:

And don’t forget to Chardonnay Go!