mom shames son for bullying

Mom’s Facebook Lesson Post Goes Viral

When Cierra Forney found out her 13-year old son was acting entitled and making fun of kids for shopping at Wal-mart she decided to take action. Forney posted that she didn’t tolerate that type of behavior, so she took him to Goodwill to teach him a lesson.”Today, he took his own 20.00 to the goodwill to buy clothes to wear the entire week to school. Whatever he found is what he would have to wear.”

Forney shared a photo of her son on Facebook dragging the items he purchased with his own money and let people know how he felt about the situation. “He isn’t happy and shed a few tears but I firmly believe in 15 years he will look back and laugh at the day his Mom made him shop at goodwill.”

Originally she thought the post would be seen primarily by friends and family, but she was in for quite a surprise. The post went viral and was shared by 257,000 people, over 600,000 people reacted to it, and 166,000 people commented. Most comments were positive and supportive of this form of discipline like “That’s great parenting right there!👏,” “Great life lesson, Mama!!,” and “Thank heavens for wise parents like this!! This boy will remember this lesson long after he forgets half of what was taught in school. And I’d be willing to bet, he doesn’t allow others to bully someone who has no other choice in clothes.”

There were others who questioned Forney for her actions, not necessarily for taking her son to Goodwill, but for publicly shaming him on Facebook.

Overwhelmed by the response to her post, she felt the need to further explain and defend her decision to punish her son in such a public manner so Forney wrote another post and shared this yesterday.

There were a few issues she addressed in this post, but the primary reason was to explain the rationale behind her actions. “My son learned a valuable lesson from this and I believe it is just another story we can add to our lives memory to look back on. I didn’t do this to punish him. It wasn’t to show him that goodwill isn’t a good place to shop. I did this to teach him that money and name brands don’t change who we are as people. He can still be the amazing, adorable, loved kid that he is WITHOUT the expensive stores!”

Forney explained that she actually asked her son for permission before sharing the original post and that he was ok with it then, and is still ok with it even with all of the crazy fallout. She wrote, “I SOLEY did this to help my son become a better man. All the positive feedback and comments have brought me to tears and so have all the negative ones. All that matters is my son is completely 100 percent okay with what happened. My son has learned a valuable lesson from this AND my son is rockin’ his button up shirt he bought from the Goodwill with PRIDE today!!!”

What do you think of this mom’s actions?