A mom from Connecticut took to Facebook to address the children, or more likely the parents of the children who bullied her son, Michael, in hopes that they educate their children because “Sometimes we all need a reminder, because we all can have our moments.”

MaryAnn Parisi, 36, of West Haven, Connecticut, told ABC News that her son said it was ok, and that he was getting used to the bullying happening at school. “That made me feel awful. It made me very angry because he shouldn’t be getting used to it. He should not be OK with it. Bullying is not OK. It’s not acceptable and you do not get used to it.”

School administrators reached out to Parisi to let her know of an incident during a school assembly they witnessed where her son was being picked on by a group of children. They did say that there were two students that stood up for Michael, who is known for how his loving and kind-hearted ways.

Parisi shared her frustration and story on Facebook. She recounts Michael being born three months early, her adopting him after his birth mother left him, and the struggles he has gone through and continues to go through, all the while with a big smile on his face. Her post received an overwhelming response from friends, family, and community members and has gone viral. She was also interviewed by ABC News, and her son’s story is circulating the Internet. It is a story that should be shared, the story of her “fighter” that will hopefully be shared with children everywhere so they too understand the importance of acceptance and kindness, and maybe put a stop to bullying altogether.

This might be long winded. I apologize for that. We all have children in our lives in some way or another, I challenge…

Posted by MaryAnn Parisi on Monday, January 11, 2016

“…You don’t have to like him, but you do have to respect him…Share, teach, grow. Most importantly respect those around, you never know what they have been through.”