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Nervous Mom Puts Daughter To The Selfie Test Via Text

Ok, we all know it’s true. As Moms, we should trust our kids, right? Well, that sure would be nice but let’s face it…not all teens tell the truth all the time. And we’d venture to say that most teens have told at least a little white lie now and then.

As Moms, we worry about our kids. Rational or not, it’s just what we do. The good news is, in today’s cell-phone-obsessed world, we generally know that communication with our teen is within their arms reach at almost any time of day.

According to an interview Heather Steinkopf gave to BuzzFeed News, her 18-year-old daughter, Kaelyn Demmon, had asked to go out one Friday night. Kaelyn told her Mom that she was headed to her (female) friend Stevie’s house to watch a movie before the two headed to college soon.

Something must not have sat quite right with Steinkopf, though. Here’s how the worried Mom gave her daughter a little truth test, as shared by her daughter Kaelyn on Twitter.

Mom Selfie Test TeenThe dark photo wasn’t quite enough to give Mom the info she needed to be assured of Kaelyn’s whereabouts.

Mom Selfie Teen TestHmmmm…was Stevie really there? Tough to tell?

Mom Selfie Test Teen

Apparently, Steinkopf needed just a bit more proof. “Get on her back and take another selfie,” Mom asked. “With the thumbs up.”

Kaelyn and Stevie obliged.

Mom Test Teen Selfie

And, so it was settled. Mom’s mind at ease, she wished her daughter a good night.

Not surprisingly, however, Kaelyn’s tweet that shared her exchange with her Mom wasn’t without a little commentary of her own.

Mom Selfie Teen Test Tweet

“I think it’s safe to say my mom doesn’t trust me”

What do you think, Moms? A brilliant tactic? Or over-the-top distrust?