After being separated for almost 15 years Hope Holland was finally reunited with her son, Jonathan, at the U.S. Mexico border on Wednesday.

“It’s a miracle!” Holland told KGTV. “I never thought this day would ever, ever come, so I’m very very happy. Extremely happy.”

Holland says that in 1999 Jonathan’s father, who she shared custody of her sons with, abducted Jonathan and took him to Mexico. She was devastated by the loss of her son and believed she would never see him again, but with so much advancement in social media, her hope was eventually restored.

One day when Holland was on Facebook she came across a baby picture of her sons that Jonathan had posted! “That looks like my sons, Jacob and Jonathan!” Holland remembers thinking. (Video via KNTV)

Jonathan’s posted photos on Facebook are similar to most other teen’s and is filled with selfies and several old family photos. By Holland’s count, Jonathan has posted the photo of he and his older brother at least four times beginning in August 2013, in hopes to find his mother, or information about her, which warms her heart.

Jonathan, now 18, only speaks Spanish and has one year left of high school in Mexico. He always wondered about his mother, but couldn’t remember her.

He told KGO-TV in San Fransisco that he hopes to split his time between Mexico and his mother in the United States. For now he will spend two months this summer with his mom and then return to Mexico to finish out high school.

Jonathan is excited to reconnect with his family, but does say he has lived a happy life so far.

What a crazy story! The power of social media is amazing.