mom son kitchen dance

Mother Son Dance Party!

A normal night in the kitchen turns into a sweet moment between mother and son as they dance the night away.

Mom, Lucy Stevens of Napoleonville, Louisiana and her family were wide awake one night, so they did what anyone in that situation would…they danced together. Lucy’s son Lance shows off some serious skills as he swings his more than willing partner around the kitchen. They’ve obviously done this before!

“Dear Future Husband” by Meghan Trainor plays as the two get their dance on while the videographer and what appears to be a younger sister giggle, sing along, and encourage the duo.

Lucy has done a great job teaching her son to dance. Lance is obviously very comfortable taking the lead, and twirling his mom around. He will definitely make a great future husband.

Positive comments from some of the 3.7 million plus YouTube viewers such as, “Awesome Video… I enjoyed seeing you and your son dance!! I want to learn this dance…” to “I’ll bet when Prom time came alone, he didn’t have to ask anyone, the girls probably fought t get to him first!! LoL :)”

A few commenters actually asked for a breakdown of the dance moves, and many were actually reminded of the way their parents used to dance together.

There’s no doubt that the mother son dance they do at his wedding will be a doozy!