Bride Surprised Music Students

Music and Dance Teacher’s Treasured Students Keep a Big Secret from Miss Liz On Her Wedding Day

Like weddings don’t already make us bawl!

When Ollie (last name unknown) got engaged to his love Liz, a teacher in Warwickshire, UK he already knew her students meant everything to her. So, he came up with an incredible way to include them in her big day. Ollie partnered with Liz’s co-workers at Jaykays Dance Company and pulled off the sweetest wedding surprise for his bride.

Just when Liz thought they were about to exchange vows, there was a bit of commotion from the balcony. Ollie turned Liz around to reveal the very special group of unexpected guests. Liz’s reaction, and the children’s beautiful rendition of Christina Perri’s “A Thousand Years” is just incredible.

Watch the video here. Be sure to grab the tissues!