Simplify Travel With Kids WITHOUT Technology!

This might just be the best invention for traveling with your kids (well, besides time travel)!

Teebee is a multi-purpose toy box that can carry your kid’s favorite things. It includes a brick plate for Legos, a sorting tray to separate toys, and stickers so kids can customize the box.

They are running a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo for this new toybox as an alternative to the iPad and other technology, and we are loving it – especially because our kids love legos AND snacks, but neither are super easy to transport!

From the parent inventors, “We invented Teebee for our children, to encourage their creativity whilst on long journey’s and we want to share that with thousands of children across the world. Teebee has become our best friend during the last year and we think you are going to love Teebee as much as we do. So please spread the word, share with fellow parents, or be the coolest Aunt and Uncle around bringing Teebee to someone’s hands!”

Teebee will be available in December in a number of fun colors (some of which were chosen by Indiegogo customers!). Get yours today at Indiegogo!

Here’s a bit more about Teebee as recently featured on Mashable.