halloween nicu babies

It takes a special kind of person to work in the NICU, and the nurses responsible for making the babies spending their first Halloween there memorable show just how special.

The neonatal intensive care unit nursing staff at the St. Luke Hospital in Kansas City, Missouri, came up with the idea to ‘dress’ the tiny babies as superheroes.

With the help of volunteers from the March of Dimes, they created Superman, Captain America, Batman, Wonder Woman, and this precious butterfly costume.

Parents chose which costume best suited their little hero, and were presented with the costume as well as some other Halloween ‘treats.’ Each family received a “Trick or Treat, smell my feet” card that had the baby’s footprints on it, a crocheted pumpkin filled with goodies, and a Halloween book.

According to CNN, three photographers volunteered to take pictures of the babies celebrating their first Halloween. All three photographers are also moms of former NICU children, so they truly understand how much a ‘normal’ activity like celebrating Halloween can mean during an otherwise very stressful time.

One photographer commented about how special those photographs are to her now that her daughter is older..

“Now that she’s 2 and a half, I am so glad I can go back and look at those pictures and see how far she’s come,” Schaumburg told CNN. “It’s so important to remember how far these babies have come.”

So sweet.