Olivia Wilde “Mom-Shamed” for Posting Picture of Sweet Kiss with Son

When actress Olivia Wilde posted an Instagram photo of a peck on the lips with her 3-year-old son, Otis, she never expected the swift reactions she received.

Many comments were positive, of course, with followers commenting “Sweet, innocent and beautiful!  The world needs more of this.❤” and “This is a beautiful expression of LOVE!”

The surprise came, however, from commenters who felt that Wilde’s picture was too intimate.

“Kissing your kid like your husband. It’s not good for him,” said one.  “That’s how kids get lip herpes. From adult lip kisses,” added another.

Finding hope in this ❤.

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The internet went wild with the controversy, leading many of Wilde’s fans to rush to her defense with words of encouragement and disgust at the unfair reactions of critical commenters.

“BEAUTIFUL! Kiss that little boy until he won’t let you anymore! It makes them loving and patient young men! You rock mama!” said one commenter, perhaps yearning for the days when her own children were as small.

But our favorite comment might be this one.

“Love is what creates compassionate, humble, caring and emotionally intelligent humans. I know you don’t need to hear this as your own heart knows this to be true, but I want to share my support and say keep loving your child just exactly the way you are.”

We agree, @instabellerina.   We agree.