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Dad Posts Sweet Goodnight Kiss Online and Internet Trolls Go Crazy

It seems to be a trend online nowadays. Parents post pictures or videos of a kiss on the lips with their children and get shamed (at best) and accused of horrible things (at worst). So, when it comes to sharing any form of physical love for our children, when is it too much to share?

Tom Brady, Quarterback for the Patriots, got in some hot water online when he shared a kiss on the lips with his son Benjamin in his video Tom vs Time. Some accused Brady of “forcing” his son to kiss him in order to play a fantasy football game. “Ridiculous,” some retorted.

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So, perhaps we shouldn’t have been surprised by the reaction to British reality star Dan Osborne’s photo. He recently posted a picture on Instagram of a goodnight kiss with his daughter. One commenter felt it was “totally inappropriate.” Other Insta fans rushed to Osborne’s defense, however.

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@carlyboo said “Inappropriate what is wrong with people! please don’t EVER have kids if you think this is inappropriate you weird deluded people! This is a beautiful picture of a dad and his daughter!”

Remember the post from Olivia Wilde? Following the mass shooting in Las Vegas, the actress shared a picture of a kiss with her son in the bathtub. Internet haters were all over it.

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“It’s gross,” one person wrote, while another added: “Kissing your kid like your husband. It’s not good for him.”

So, what do you think, Moms? Are we over-doing intimacy with our kids? Or just over-sharing? Neither?