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Blogger Offers Honest Account of 8 Ways She’s Not the Parent She Expected To Be.

Emily Westbrooks of Romper published a terrific blog post today and we just had to share.  Because it’s honest and spot on and had us laughing all the way through (omg, the GIFs!)

Westbrooks opens the post titled “8 Ways You’re Definitely Not the Parent You Thought You’d Be” by pointing out that she always wanted to be a Mom but, for a few reasons, it took some time for her to become one.  And, during that time, she had lots of opportunity to decide exactly what kind of parent she would be…and exactly what kind she wouldn’t be.

“My husband and I joke that the only thing we knew before we had kids was that they were going to be sleep trained. Ha!”

She goes on to list the many ways that she didn’t actually become that Mom she used to believe she needed to be.

No sugar?  Welllllllll….not exactly.    “I actually survive on sugar, and my daughter’s reaction to sweets is excruciatingly cute. I’ve never seen such genuine enthusiasm for a pack of mints so, yeah, she eats candy.”

Thought You Needed Sleep?  Nah.  Not really.   “But since having kids I can run on adrenaline or coffee or peppermint patties instead of eight hours of sleep.”

No Bragging About Your Kids?  Fat chance.  Don’t we all?   “I am outrageously and outspokenly proud of my kids and sometimes I have a significantly hard time shutting up about them.”

I’ll Always Keep My Cool.   Hahahahahahaha!  Please.  “In fact, I think we’ve all looked at other frustrated parents and told ourselves, “No way that will be me.” That’s the lie that allows the human species to carry on, my friends.”

I’ll Keep Things Clean and Tidy.   No Gunk.   You want to have people over for a nice dinner?  Sure.  How about in 18 years or so?   “Slimed banana down my leg? Whatever. Crushed and half-eaten Cheerios in every crease of the car seat? We’ll vacuum it next year. You haven’t had a bath all week? Sure, if you don’t smell, you’re good to go.”

I’ll Be Like My Mom Was.   Even though most of us are lucky enough to say we turned out ok, turns out we won’e actually parent like anyone else.  Not like our Moms did and not like their Moms did.  Not like our best friend next door and not like the crazy lady on the sidelines at soccer games.

Westbrooks sums up her post with these perfect closing words.

“I still do lots of things the way my own mom did, but I make a lot of parenting choices that are different. I’m OK with that, and if you do the same you should know that it’s OK, too. In the end, we’re never the parents we thought we’d be, we’re the parents our children need us to be.”


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