A 12-year-old boy gets a taste of his own medicine after being suspended from school for bullying another child. His parents decided to teach him a lesson, that some applaud, and others take issue with it, saying that his parents are just reinforcing his bullying behavior.

Gage Duncan’s mom Amber made a sign that says, “My name is Gage, and I am a bully.” She then made him stand on street corners all over their hometown of New Castle, PA while she watched from her car with Gage’s step-dad, and siblings.

gage bully sign

He told local news station, KDKA-TV that he was sorry for his actions. “I think I’m not going to do it again. I’m going to apologize to the principal, and to the children I did it to,” Gage told them.

Some parents disagreed with the punishment, and when they saw him with the sign, they called the police saying it was child abuse. The police did respond, and after speaking to Gage and his parents, they allowed him to go back to his punishment.

“Too often we see children taking their own lives due to bullying and we refuse to allow our son to take part in that,” Gage’s mother said. “If more parents would get involved, together we can instill morals and respect into the generation created and prevent more of situations from reoccurring.”

What do you think of the punishment? Has shaming gone to far, or is it an effective form of punishment?