calming a crying baby

Dr. Robert Hamilton (aka Dr. Bob) is most likely getting inundated with new patient requests right now after his video where he shares his technique for dealing with crying babies went viral, racking up almost 6 million views on YouTube! His special move is called “The Hold.”

He has a very calming demeanor as he shows the proper “Hold” technique on some adorable babies who are crying after receiving their shots. Taking care to tuck the baby’s arms across their bodies while holding them at a 45-degree angle by their bottoms, he starts to gently bounce the baby around. Hamilton rocks back and forth, then stirs them from left to right, all while supporting the little one’s delicate neck. Several times during the video he emphasizes how everything he does is very gentle.

The best part, after he says, “I shake his little booty,” is definitely when he kisses the baby on the head. You can tell that this man absolutely loves his job and the little angels in his care.

Millions of parents are singing Hamilton’s praises saying it works. Have you given it a try?