Travel Kuzmic YouTube Video

Good Luck Travelers with Toddlers! You Got This. And, If You Don’t? That’s Ok, Too.

We’ve all been that Mom. You know. THAT Mom struggling with a toddler tantrum in a very public place. For some it’s been the grocery store, others the park and others just simply walking down the street. No matter where you are, chances are it’s likely better than it would be in a very cramped space among strangers. Right? Welcome to air travel with toddlers.

Hilarious YouTube Mom Kristina Kuzmic feels your pain. The vlogger shared a story of a trip to Croatia with her own son in full tantrum mode.

A few gems from her story?

“Holding a screaming, flailing toddler is really like holding 13 screaming toddlers. It is like holding a giant swarm of bees.”

And, don’t you love the complete strangers that try to “help?” How about these comments Kuzmic heard from other passengers?

“Did you forget to feed him? Clearly, he’s hungry.” Really? “Yes. I only feed my children on special occasions.”

“You need to put him down. He doesn’t want to be held. Put him down.” 

So, what did someone finally say that actually helped the situation? Watch and see.

Happy Holidays! May your travel be tantrum free. And, if it’s not, oh well. Just remember. You’re a Mom. And, you’re doing a great job.