first vs. third pregnancy

Relatable First Pregnancy Vs. Third Pregnancy Video

In the most recent video by Esther Anderson of the famed Story of this Life blog, she shares some hysterical and all too familiar differences expecting moms have when pregnant with their first child compared to, well, pretty much any pregnancy after that!

Anderson is expecting baby number 3 and tries to answer a few basic questions about the pregnancy. Her answers are hysterical, especially when compared to her “pre-baby” days which she spoofs perfectly.

When asked, “How big is the baby?” mom expecting baby number one goes into detail down to the ounce of her little one, whereas mom expecting baby number three says and unsure, “Medium-sized?”

Answers vary significantly when asked, “How do you feel?” First time mom responds that she’s tried every single possible cure for ‘morning sickness‘, including every single product containing ginger available. Mom of the two adorable little ones causing slight chaos in the background and a garbage can duct taped around her neck replies, “Oh, I feel like crap, but I mean, I gotta keep the other ones alive, so this works.”

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A quick tour of the new little bundle’s nursery features a crib that converts, and can accommodate the baby all the way through adulthood. The third child will be sleeping in a pack n’play in the living room – if mom can ever get it unfolded!

Stark differences continue when comparing the needing maternity clothes. “Oh I can still fit into most of my regular clothes still” versus looking at the plus sign on the pregnancy test stick and immediately pulling down a bin of maternity clothes.

Other topics covered include pregnancy dietary adjustments, “I mean, I gotta have it, to survive” referring to caffeine for the already exhausted mom of toddlers, to the specifics of what’s happening in there right now, these moms tackle all that has to do with being pregnant and every single answer is completely different….except one, and that’s the one that we love the most.

Their answer to “How excited are you to meet her?” shows that some things are the same whether it’s your first child or not. Both moms to be are in 100% agreement when they both say they can’t wait for her to get here. Awwwwww.

YouTube fans were quick to share words of congratulations, and laughed along with the all too familiar differences between a first and third pregnancy.

One fellow mom fan posted, “I can’t stop laughing at the background with third pregnancy. 100% accurate.”