mom makes video for son to call her

Ann Pinto McCarney dropped her son Liam off at Gettysburg College last month and apparently he hasn’t been the best about keeping in touch with her, so she took matters into her own hands and created a video plea to him that went viral.

Ann uses her sense of humor to call out her son about only calling home one time since she dropped him off, reminding him that she gave birth to him (via “c-section with a big scar that hurt like hell”), and wondered if maybe he just forgot about her, or forgot who she was. She gave him some hints about who she was like for the first two years of his life how he was attached to her hip, or who fed him for the first 18 years of his life, “breakfast, lunch, and dinner.”

She continues on for almost five minutes of hilarity and sarcasm, including a reminder of how to use the phone like she used to do saying, “we used to use them when we were younger in the generation that respected their parents.”

We’re guessing Liam is going to start calling his mom more often!