ryan reynolds birthday

Wishing Ryan Reynolds a very Happy Birthday!

Born October 23, 1976, Reynolds is celebrating his 41st birthday today and it’s definitely not exactly the way he used to celebrate it before he became a dad. He shared this hilarious tweet this morning, which is so relatable for any parent with little ones at home.

The kids he’s referring to are he and his lovely wife, Blake Lively’s daughters, James, who will be three in December, and Ines who just celebrated her first birthday in September. He’s fully in the weeds with early rising toddlers who we’re sure were so excited to wish their daddy a happy birthday, even if it was at the crack of dawn!

Reynolds posted a birthday shout out for his wife’s 30th birthday back in August with this tweet featuring his dashingly handsome self in a tuxedo, and a little bit of the side of Lively’s beautiful face.

ryan reynolds birthday
via Ryan Reynolds Twitter @VancityReynolds

A quick look at his Twitter or Instagram feed proves just how funny he is, especially when it comes to parenting and being a dad. This little gem pokes fun at the amount of support he gave his wife as she gave birth to their children.

We’re sure this hero is enjoying every minute of his family birthday celebration!