Savannah Guthrie Confuses Matt Lauer With Husband

Savannah Guthrie returned from maternity leave and got back to work as co-anchor on TODAY, and it was a memorable return!

Almost to prove a point about the story she was reporting, Guthrie made a slip up that shows what sleep deprivation does to the brain.

Kicking off the segment saying “Researchers surveyed nearly 6,000 people and found that women who live with kids in the house sleep less than women who didn’t have kids,” Guthrie continued, “Not surprising, but for men, apparently it doesn’t matter. Whether there are kids in the house or not mens sleep patterns are not affected according to this study.”

The hosts then discuss that there are men who are “super dads” out there, but typically the heavy lifting at night falls on most of the moms. This may be because they’re the primary source of food since they’re breastfeeding, or because they tend to have one ear open as they listen for the kids, even while sleeping.

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“On my maternity leave, when I was getting up and feeding every couple of hours, Matt would be,” Guthrie stopped immediately realizing what she said, and then continued, “Where is my Freud textbook?”

Guthrie caught herself pretty quickly, but not before her co-hosts had some fun with her slip-up.

Matt Lauer was not in the studio, but when the camera panned to him, he could be seen shaking and holding his head while laughing about Guthrie mentioning his name. He actually joked with her mouthing “That’s our secret.”

Other than getting a kick out of Guthrie’s mistake, what we love is that she shows us that she is human. She’s a mom with a newborn and a toddler at home, and regardless of how much sleep she gets at night, she still has to get up and go to work just like many working moms out there.

Granted, she’s got a hair, makeup and wardrobe team to get her camera ready, but who really wants to be on camera just weeks after having a baby?!

We say good for her. We love her great sense of humor, and that she can laugh at herself – now hopefully she is able to get some sleep!