A new Irish PSA, created by Irish International BBDO and directed by Martin Stirling, which is entitled “Anatomy of a Split Second,” uses a hypnotic visual trick to show just how dangerous a split second of texting while driving can be.

The opening backyard scenes are ordinary but feel unsettling at the same time, largely because of the music. As the action shifts to the road, viewers begin to sense that it’s only a matter of time (a split second, in fact) before disaster strikes. And when it finally does, it’s horrifying choreography will leave you shocked and speechless.

“Mobile phone use is killing people on Irish roads,” says Brian Farrell, communications manager at the client, Ireland’s Road Safety Authority. “We know for a fact that making a call while driving will make you four times more likely to crash. However, most people are not aware that you are a staggering 23 times more likely to crash when texting while driving. With our new advertising campaign our message is very clear – when you use your mobile phone behind the wheel, taking your mind and eyes off the road for just a split second can destroy everything forever.”