Boy Rescues Dogs Videos

Just A Few Weeks Shy of Seven and Already Making a Difference

Little Roman McConn may not have been alive for very long but he’s already made a huge impact on the world. Roman was only four years old when he learned that there were dogs living in high-shelters in search of homes. Heartbroken by the thought, the young man decided to try to help.

Boy Saves Dogs Video

Roman visited the shelters and started making videos of the dogs, pleading for people to come and meet their future furry friends.

In this video, for example, Roman introduced people to Cambria, a 2 year old shepherd mix. The video was so well-received online that it wasn’t long before Cambria found a happy home!

Now meet Bindi…she was also adopted soon after Roman’s video went up on the Project Freedom Ride page!

In this video, Roman even got his sisters involved!

The family is moving from Georgia to Texas on the coming weeks but that won’t stop Roman! He plans to keep on helping dogs in high-kill shelters get adopted in his new home state soon after they arrive.

Way to go, Roman! We bet your parents are pretty darn proud.