Baby Mimics Ultrasound Position

Arms Up, Eyes Closed…Inside or Out This Position Rules for this Sweet Newborn.

When Sarah Steppling of South Carolina was 38 weeks pregnant with baby Michael she decided to “try again.” For another ultrasound, that is. Her last “boutique ultrasound” (which was supposed to show her baby boy in 4D) came out blurry and distorted. But, with some pressure from her Mom and her grandmother, she returned and had a second one done. And now, she’s so glad she did.

Even in utero, little Michael showed he knew how to “chill.” Arms above his head, he appeared to be sleeping soundly, in no great hurry to come out and greet the world. But, what’s most remarkable is how three weeks after being born, he’s still the same cool cat. At least when he’s sleeping in his happiest position. Check out this side by side comparison!

sleeping baby same ultrasound position

Mom Sarah told Yahoo that “From day one, this kid knew how to relax. He always slept with his hands up like that. If you were to go through my phone right now, you’d find probably about a million and a half images of him sleeping in that exact same position. One day, I thought to go back and look at his ultrasound pictures. I saw that one and was like, ‘OMG! He sleeps just like that now!’”

In fact, it’s not just when he’s sleeping that Michael chooses his arms-up-to-relax position. He does the very same thing when he’s enjoying a meal. Sarah shared just a sampling of her pictures.

sleeping baby ultrasound feeding

Here’s hoping it’s this easy for little Michael to relax for many years to come!