This teary reunion reminds us just how important family is, and how much we owe to to all soldiers and Veterans for what they sacrifice to keep us all safe.

When Janae Vorrath and her husband, Sgt. John Vorrath found out they were pregnant with their second child, they knew that John would not be there when the baby was born. In fact, he would not get to meet this baby until he or she was 6 months old as he was being deployed to the Middle East.


He did get to witness his daughter being born via FaceTime on Oct. 24. He was then surprised by his commander when he found out that his request for leave had been granted. One day later he was hugging his wife, meeting his daughter, Charlotte, and being reunited with his 2 year old son. It was all captured on this touching video.

Letting go again was difficult for Janae who says, “He’s my best friend and I hate doing life without him. As hard as this is on me as a single parent, this deployment I believe is hardest on him, so I am eternally grateful that he had this opportunity to be with our family, even if only for a short time. It gives us hope to have a taste of what our future will be in six months.”





Source The Today Show