When Our Crazy Parenting Lives Are Set to Music The Results Are Hilarious

When we heard that the always-funny parent team behind “The Story of This Life” released a new parody video yesterday, we knew we’d love it. Always creative and current, their latest effort, “Parenting Music Montage,” is no exception.

The laugh out loud video parodies popular songs like Dark Horse by Katy Perry (“Are you ready for a perfect storm?” in the form of a positive pregnancy test!) and Fight Song by Rachel Patten (“I’m in too deep” as Mom and Dad try to stay awake for midnight feedings.) We giggled as I Knew You Were Trouble by Taylor Swift was sung to a toddler who proudly entered the room with an exploding bottle of Baby Powder! And that’s all in just the very first minute of the hilarious 2 minutes and 40 seconds you’ll spend watching.

We aren’t alone in our appreciation for this incredibly creative parody. YouTubers raved about it online soon after its release.

One viewer commented “Your videos always me happy, a wonderful break for a stay-at-home mom” while another said “GREAT video! You guys were fantastic!…I felt EVERY pain! Hahahaha.”

It’s nice to know we aren’t alone, isn’t it?