Breastfeeding Mom Covered by Stranger

Another Mother Captures Shocking Behavior on Video

Kathryn Flieg was expecting Tuesday would be just another normal day at her local YMCA. But, when a total stranger tried to cover her up with a gym towel as she was breastfeeding her baby, Fleig’s day took a very strange turn.

As you’ll see in the video (reluctantly shared to Facebook by Fleig), a number of women in the gym discouraged the stranger from covering the nursing mother. But, she insisted, despite their insistence that she mind her own business.

Here’s the video:

And here’s the post that accompanied the video:

After a serious internal debate, I have decided to make this video public, in the hopes of raising awareness. I am a breastfeeding mother of three. I am a member of the local YMCA. I am the woman breastfeeding in the video. I value my privacy, and this particular incident has left me spinning.

I am aware that this video has been posted in other groups and I figured before things went any further I would put the incident to bed here.

This evening a frightening incident occurred. I was waiting for my daughter’s dance class to let out for the evening, and my son (11 weeks old) became hungry and irritable. I started to feed him, and he calmed down and began to relax. I returned to my conversation with the other moms. I was approached by a woman who attempted to cover me with a towel, and at some points during this altercation, attempted to put her hands on myself and my son to “cover” us

I cannot say enough thanks to the other Mothers who stepped up and defended my legal right to breastfeed my child. A particular thanks to Emina Valjevcic, without whom this video would not exist.

I was frightened in this video. Its true. Anyone who knows me knows that I have trouble admitting that. I was pressed with my back into a corner and no way to get away from this woman.

No, she was not an employee of the YMCA. She was a private member.

No we had had no prior communication before this incident occurred.

No, I have never experienced harassment that was quite on this level before.

Yes I was feeding my child in a public place. It is my legal right to do so.

Yes these incidents happen to breastfeeding mothers all the time.

No It is not ok.

Wow. We’re with you, Momma. Definitely NOT ok. #momming