Sweet Boy Gets Super Emotional During Elementary School Performance

This sensitive boy breaks our heart. The original video was posted, ironically, by AFV (America’s Funniest Home Videos), and is now making its’ way around the Internet.

Watch as he and his classmates sing a farewell song to their elementary school as they move on to middle school. The song is their own special rendition of the ‘Cups (Pitch Perfect When I’m Gone’ song made popular by Anna Kendrick.

They lyrics are an ode to Shaker Road, which we imagine is the name of their elementary school.

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“And I sure would want my sweet friends with me.
And we’re leaving tomorrow, what do you say?
When we’re gone, when we’re gone, we’re gonna miss you when we’re gone.”

That’s when the poor little boy can’t take it anymore and is overcome with emotion. His lip quivers, he can’t hold back the tears anymore, and he hides his face with his hand as he breaks down crying.

Kids continue singing, most of them seem oblivious to the fact that their classmate is so emotional about leaving his elementary school and teachers behind. We’re guessing many of the teachers and parents in the audience were right there with him though.

Over 1,200 comments flooded the post with many commending the boy for feeling so deeply. One woman was not particularly fond of the video being shared and wrote, “Please don’t embarrass children by putting their emotions on display for people to laugh at.”

To which many replied that “He actually won the $10,000 on AFV and he said he was donating the money he won.”
Another commenter who seems to know the boy shared, “He is a great kid and great family. He is donating his winnings to help others,” and added “This is only one side of this wonderful kid he is also super funny.”
Either way, we wish him all the best and hope that he is proud of how deeply he feels all the feels!