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Mom’s Instagram Post Goes Viral and Shows Importance of Inclusion

When Mom Jamie Sumner took her son Charlie shopping at Target, she had no idea she’d end up in tears. But, what the pair saw that day moved her (and more importantly moved Charlie) to the point of showing their heartfelt emotion.

Charlie Sumner has cerebral palsy. His Mom, Jamie, often brings Charlie along on her errands, pushing his chair and enjoying his company out and about.

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And, although Charlie is non-verbal and doesn’t communicate often, a poster at Target that day that caused him to clap excitedly and sign “more.”

The poster was of a young boy with a walker and, seeing someone like himself, was worthy of Charlie’s applause! Delighted and moved by what she saw, Jamie snapped a a picture and shared it to Instagram.

Target Inclusions Ad CP

Thank you @target for this. It made my son smile and clap and sign for “more” and so you have my whole heart. ❤️

Keep it coming. #specialneeds #specialkids

The internet quickly went wild and viral with Jamie’s grateful post, all supporting the photo and the reaction.

And, we aren’t surprised! Kudos to Target for a smart and inclusive ad. We hope more stores will consider following suit soon.