Red Nose Class Clown Award Teacher

Red Nose Presented to 1st Grader as “Gift” Adds Insult to Injury

A Facebook post by one student’s great aunt has gone viral and landed a 1st grade teacher in some very hot water.

About two weeks ago, Travanon-Latosha Alexis shared this post on Facebook.

Teacher Class Clown Award Trouble

“I am highly disappointed with the inconsiderate decision that Jessica Bordlee (1st grade teacher at Evangeline Elementary School in Lafayette, Louisiana made on today). Out of all the awesome & excellent things happening with my Great-Nephew academically she could have honored him in, she presented him with two certificates. The 1st is for class clown & the 2nd is for most talkative.”

Teacher Class Clown Award

The concerned great aunt went on to explain exactly what transpired in the classroom and how she felt Hayden was excessively shamed in front of his classmates and their parents.

Class Clown Teacher Ashamed

“My great nephew went up to retrieve his certificates as everyone sat in silence and waited. To make matters worse, Jessica Bordlee called Hayden back up at the end of the ceremony and said, “Oh! Hayden, I forgot your red nose”. Not wanting to disappoint his teacher, Hayden put on the red nose as everyone watched. Let me tell you something Facebook. This woman publicly humiliated my great nephew and family.”

Red Nose Teacher Clown

From there, she went on to seek justice for Hayden through the power of social media.

“I’m tagging her school that she work for in this post and I pray they take this cry-out for justice seriously and teach her that her behavior is unacceptable as a 1st grade teacher. She publicly humiliated him, she need to publicly apologise to everyone. She could have given him the most funny certificate and perhaps future motivational speaker. There need to be some action following her behavior.”


A Truly Concerned Great Aunt”

Class Clown Teacher Student

And, not surprisingly, the Louisiana school district Hayden attends is taking notice.  Joe Craig with the Lafayette Parish School System commented “In a different time clown probably had a different connotation. The meaning of words evolve over time and I just don’t think the connotation with the word clown is appropriate to these days.”

According to a story from KLFY-TV, other school district officials agreed that the teacher made poor judgments and revealed that they received a recommendation for disciplinary action from the principal. Superintendent Dr.  Donald Aguillard will consider the recommendation and “there will absolutely be some level of discipline for the teacher’s conduct.”

Stay tuned.