BandAids Nipples Outfit School

School Tells Young Girl Her Nipples Were Too “Distracting”

It’s almost hard to believe but, according to Florida Mom Kari Knop’s post on Facebook, the facts are the facts. When Knop’s 17 year old daughter got in trouble with her Bradenton school for what she was wearing, it wasn’t because of short shorts or a tank top. In fact, Lizzy Martinez left for school in a long sleeved grey shirt and pants. Unfortunately, it wasn’t actually the clothing that was a problem with the school. It was her nipples.

Teen BandAids Nipples

According to Lizzy, she was called out of a class to the dean’s office because she wasn’t wearing a bra. Other students had noticed and were reportedly “laughing” and “distracted” by her nipples.

Once in the dean’s office, however, the treatment she received was much worse. In her Facebook post, Knop shares that the school instructed her daughter to put Band-Aids over her nipples. She was then asked to move around so that administration could determine how much her breasts moved or bounced under her shirt.

Girl BandAids Nipples School

“Had the dean been a male, the bouncing boob request would have been HIGHLY inappropriate and given the culture we live in, I don’t find this request to be acceptable by either sex, as they all could and should be viewed as predatory,” Martinez added. “Instead of shaming a kid, why not teach people to look at one’s face instead of chest? PROBLEM WOULD BE SOLVED!!!”

What do you think, Moms? Was the school out of line? How should they have better handled it (assuming it needed to be handled at all?)