Teresa Adams and her son Tommy were driving home from the DMV when they passed an older man who was trying to shovel snow from his driveway. The man was using a walker to get around.

That’s when the Virginia high school senior offered to shovel the driveway himself.

Teresa Adams was scared at first when her son asked her to stop the car suddenly.

“Tommy said ‘Mamma stop the car,’” Mrs. Adams said. “I got scared and asked ‘what’s wrong?’”

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Tommy replied that an older man with a walker was shoveling snow and that he wanted to help the man. Tommy approached the old man and asked him for the shovel.


 “He looked surprised,” Mrs. Adams said. “I was so proud, I started to cry.”

Tommy said he never caught the man’s name, but that he was glad to help. He noted that one day he might need the same kind of help.