Bathroom Peek Tweet Viral

“Someone come get they kids” Posts Teen from Chick-Fil-A Stall

So, it’s one thing when your own child peeks and crawls under your bathroom stall. But, it’s quite another when a random young stranger joins you!

Drew (Twitter handle: @achandrew14) was quite literally caught with his pants down in this hilarious video taken in a Chick Fil-A bathroom stall. And, despite being in a “compromising” position, the teen did manage to capture one of the funniest little videos we’ve seen on Twitter in quite some time. And we can all relate! Here it is:

Drew handled the whole situation beautifully. Laughing to himself he tells the little boy, “I think your Mom’s outside” and just politely encourages him to close the door behind him.

chick fil a bathroom visit teen

We loved this video and thumbs up to Drew for his poise under pressure!