toddler screaming flight

How Much is Too Much Freedom for a Toddler On a Flight?

Most of us have seen (and heard) somewhat similar scenarios…a toddler on a flight, a harried parent trying to calm them, apologizing to the other passengers around them. We sympathize. We stand up against those other less-empathetic flyers who may not “get” what it’s like trying to wrangle 20+ pounds of energetic toddler into a tiny seat.

But, though we sympathize with the challenges traveling with our children can present, there’s a limit to our understanding. Right? What if the toddler was climbing over seats, running up the aisles and shrieking while the parents do little to nothing to prevent the chaotic scene? What if the flight was EIGHT. HOURS. LONG?

That’s exactly what Shane Townley experienced on a flight from Germany to Newark, NJ. And he captured the experience on video.

toddler screaming flight

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After watching the video, it’s hard not to feel badly for the CHILD, however. Clearly, the young boy is struggling with anxiety or something else that causes his repeated shrieking. How do you feel the parent in this situation should have handled things?