Pregnant Too Cruise Disney

Some Say Family Over-Reacted and Should Have Known the Rules

Emily Jackson, 22 years old and 25 weeks pregnant, was all set to board a Disney Cruise last week. Accompanied by her husband, two kids under the age of 2, her parents and siblings, Jackson’s bags went aboard as the family awaited their room keys. But, then things went south for the pregnant Emily…and not aboard the Disney ocean-liner.

Officials from Disney advised that, despite Miss Jackson’s clearance from her doctor, their policy was that women past their 24th week of pregnancy cannot cruise. Therefore, they would be collecting her luggage from the boat and returning it to her. She would not be joining the rest of the passengers on board.

Jackson’s father tried to get the Disney officials to change their minds and that, apparently, is when things took a turn for the worse. The family was asked to leave the terminal area and wait outside (in the Florida heat). The airport’s armed security guards approached the group to ensure they took heed of the request to step outside. It was at this point that Jackson (who is a video blogger under the name “The Jackson Hive“) turned on her camera. The footage follows here.

According to the video, the family and their young children waited outside in the heat for nearly two hours with little to drink. Disney explains that the group had nine pieces of luggage that, admittedly, took a bit to locate aboard the busy cruise liner as hundreds of other passengers came aboard.

too pregnant to cruise disney spokesperson

Jackson also states that she was “intimidated” by the armed guards with AR-15s.  The guards at the port are Miami-Dade policemen and are all outfitted in police force uniforms that include the semi-automatic rifles, a Disney spokesperson said.

Too Pregnant for Cruise Armed GuardsWhile many viewers felt that the reaction by Disney and the airport was unfair, the family also got a good share of criticism.

One commenter said: “Video title should read: “Woman failed to check cruise line pregnancy guidelines, father makes inflammatory remark and must be escorted away because of their own foolishness.” There, fixed it for you, sweetheart.”

Another sympathized by saying “The way they handled this was so unprofessional and awful I am so sad for you guys 🙁 they could have gone about this way differently. I am huge on good customer service. Make sure you do whatever you can to make sure Disney is aware of the behavior you received.”

So, where do you stand Moms? Where did it all go wrong? Or, perhaps we should ask, where didn’t it go wrong?