Mom Toothpaste Lesson Viral

Facebook Post From 2016 Goes Viral Again With Millions of Shares and Thank Yous

Amy Beth Gardner chose toothpaste over talk. Yes, she could have simply had a sit-down conversation with her daughter Breonna about being kind. They could have talked about choosing your words carefully and not saying things you might regret later. And, had she done so, who knows…the discussion may have really had an effect on her young daughter.

Mom Daughter Toothpaste Viral

Instead of a conversation, however, Gardner decided to impart some visual wisdom on Breonna. Sure enough, an impression was made and not only on her daughter. Amy Beth posted her toothpaste lesson to Facebook and now it’s been shared by thousands of other Moms who are doing the same thing in their own homes.

Here was Gardner’s post:

Mom Toothpaste Viral Post

Mom Toothpaste Viral Lesson

What do you think, Moms? A good idea for the start of the school year?

Best of luck to all!