Boy Airport Scooter Bali

Savvy Young Aussie Gets Passport and Runs Away to Vacation on Bali

Many of us have likely heard “I’m running away!” after a particularly difficult stand-off with our kids. But, rarely, does the child have the gumption (or smarts!) to actually pull it off. Not so in the case of one Australian 12 year old who recently did exactly as he promised. But,he didn’t just go down the street. He flew to Bali.australian boy flies to bali

“Drew” (as he is referred to in a story from the tv show “A Current Affair“) wanted to travel to Bali. When his mother said that a trip wasn’t going to happen, Drew just wouldn’t take no for an answer. So, he convinced his grandmother to let him have his passport, stole his mother’s credit card and did a little research.

Not long after, he was off, scooter and backpack in hand, tickets booked. Reporting he was off to school, Drew was instead, headed to the local train which delivered him to the airport. Careful to have booked flights that allow kids 12 and over to fly alone, he needed only produce his ID and passport from there. And off to Bali he went.

Boy Flies to Bali Solo

Drew was reported missing on March 8th. Nine frightening days later, he was located on the island by Indonesian police. Wait until you see what he did while he was there! Amazing…and, as a parent, completely terrifying.

How could this happen? The whole story is truly incredible.

We’re guessing Drew won’t be flying for a while and that he’s officially grounded. Literally.