Bus Driver Hugs Braids Love

More Than Just a Driver, Tracy Dean Delivers Pride and “Motherly” Love to Her Passengers

Since 11-year-old Isabella Pieri of Utah lost her mother years ago, her father (who leaves the house for work early each day) has done his very best to raise her and her brother. He has provided lots of love, a safe home and all the essentials to make his children’s life a happy one. But, there was one little thing that Dad Phillip just couldn’t quite manage…helping his daughter do her hair in braids.

At first, Isabella simply wore a short haircut, therefore eliminating the need for ponytails or braids. But, as she grew up, she wanted to grow her hair out like her peers. And, as Dad left for work early in the morning, Isabella struggled to manage her own hair styling getting ready for school.

Utah Bus Driver Braids Hair

And that’s when a kind angel of sorts came along in the form of bus driver Tracy Dean. One morning as kids were getting off the bus, Isabella saw Tracy fixing a classmates braid and decided to ask if she would braid her hair too. And, Tracy did.  A local news station shared the story.

Isabella’s father noticed her coming home with not only a pretty new hair style but also new confidence. Isabella’s teachers noticed too saying “I just noticed her head was a little higher that morning.”

Bus Driver Braids Hair Happy

So, why take the time to do something so kind and clearly out of the scope of your job description?

“Seven years ago,” explains Tracy “I found out I had breast cancer, and that’s one of the things that went through my head — who is going to take care of my little ones? Not that my husband couldn’t do it, but you know, that’s what moms do. They do their kids’ hair.”

And, sure enough, Isabella felt the same way. “It makes me feel like she’s a mom pretty much to me,” Isabella said. “And it makes me excited for the next day to see what she does.”