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Sweet Facebook Video of Little Girl Singing to Rescue Dog Raises Bucks for Pups

When Terryville, CT resident Lauren Malone shared a video of her daughter singing to their new rescue pup she had no idea her Facebook post would go viral. Nor she did realize that, through the generosity of total strangers, her video would likely contribute to the rescue of hundreds of dogs just like their beloved Oakely.

lauren malone facebook video girl singing

The viral video has nearly 6 million views and 140,000 shares. The rescue organization mentioned in Malone’s post (American Lab Rescue) has already received thousands in donations with no sign of slowing.

Facebook viewers loved the sweet video. Comments included “Stoppppppp! Cuteness overload,” “Melts my heart,” and “The pup looks so peaceful and happy to have been rescued.”

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We have a feeling there might be many more happy puppies (and children!) soon. All because of the love shared by a proud Mom in a Facebook post.

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