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Video Shows Impact Of How We Speak To Kids

A video posted on YouTube by the Atlanta Speech School called Every Opportunity has been circulating around the Internet over the past 24 hours and it has caused quite a bit of debate. The video specifically touches upon just what kind of impact the way teachers, administrators, and staff have when they speak to our children during the school day.

The video starts out showing the start of a new day as a little boy gets on the school bus. His first interaction is with the bus driver, and it is not great. He basically gets a grunt as he happily boards the bus and greets the driver. He is immediately deflated. Luckily that doesn’t stop him from enthusiastically greeting what appears to be the principal of the school at the front door, which is also met with no warmth and orders for the children to quietly go to their classrooms. As the day goes on, it’s more of the same, and your heart aches for the little guy.

Some think this is an unfair assessment of those in the academic field, however, many feel compelled to see this as a wake up call whether or not they are teaching our kids. Parents have been seeing themselves in some of the video and realizing that they too can tend to speak down to or outright ignore their own children from time to time.

In the second half of the video, all of the adults take an active interest in the boy and have more positive attitudes. The difference is staggering, and the point of the video is clear. Kids need positive reinforcement and encouragement in order to be successful and happy learners. Don’t we all?

As the school year starts, this video is a great reminder that these little people are being molded by what we (teachers and parents) say and do.